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Samuel K. Tennis

129 Staff Drive, NE
Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548
Sales (850) 243-5105
Fax (850) 301-2884

Fast Efficient Custom Programming in EasyLanguage

For Consulting and Custom Programming
Samuel K. Tennis

Founder and Owner
Samuel K. Tennis (and Trixie)
Samuel K. Tennis, author of Ask Mr. EasyLanguage (TradersPress), is the worlds leading authority on TradeStation and EasyLanguage programming. He acquired this distinction during 6 years as senior programmer at Omega, where he played a vital role in the creation of EasyLanguage, System Writer Plus and TradeStation. As Omega expanded and the need for technical support grew, Sam moved out of hands on programming and into customer support, where he trained Omega's product support personnel to provide fast, reliable technical support. Then, while coordinating the efforts of the custom-programming department, Sam spearheaded the effort to provide nationwide on-site field training for Omega clients.

Today as head of Vista-Research, Sam uses his experience at Omega and knowledge of EasyLanguage to provide securities traders the finest computer technical support available. This support is not limited to Omega Research products, but extends to such other areas as operating systems (DOS and Windows), hardware, software, installation, back office applications, and system development.


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These are the words of satisfied Vista-Research clients
I have known Sam Tennis professionally for over 7 years. Sam has always been a pleasure to work with, has great knowledge of Tradestation, and Sam is one of the best Tradestation programmers I know.
Sincerely, Michael Tepper
"No doubt most folks are more logical thinkers than I so "EasyLanguage" is in fact easy for them. However, for myself "EasyLanguage" is an oxymoron. With Sam, I just outlined what I wanted my system to do, how I thought it should be done and let him go to work. Several days later I received e-mail with the code and instructions for transferring and verifying the system in TradeStation. Sam included some tricks (that I would have never considered) that allowed more in-depth research than my original ideas. For me, my system design and research has evolved far beyond what I expected or hoped for only with Sam's work in writing "EasyLanguage" and answering day to day questions. I endorse him without reservation".
Speaking for myself, Sam is to be commended for his willingness to help figure out solutions to problems, even if it happens to be 1:30 in the morning! His professionalism and interaction with his clientele are really rare in this industry.

Sam's work is worth much more than he charges for it; I have sat at my computer for hours and tried to write systems and indicators/studies in EasyLanguage, only to be frustrated to no end. So I can appreciate all the thousands of hours of work that Sam puts into the code. It really works well, too.

I hope to have the good fortune to be able to retain Sam's services in the future, as well as compensate Vista-Research properly! I look upon the work of an excellent programmer such as Sam as a necessary part of an effective trading campaign, due to the fact that it is really necessary to be able to define probabilities of success relative to statistical study.

Thanks for your time,
Keith Carr

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