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Fast Efficient Custom Programming in EasyLanguage

The Trending Candle/Body Reversal (TC/BR) Library
For Omega Research and TradeStation Products

By the Co-Developer of the Candlestick Forecaster

Matheny Enterprises has announced the Trending Candle/Body Reversal (TC/BR) Library for Tradestation. The software application will plot the suggested stop levels as well as issue detailed buy and sell signals. The Trending Candle/Body Reversal system was developed by Mr. Geert Strubbe. The TC/BR Library for Omega Research products is the result of a co-operative effort between Matheny Enterprises and Mr. Samuel K Tennis, of Vista-Research. Mr. Tennis, one of the original developers for Omega Research, assisted in assuring the compatibility of our interpretative modules with SuperCharts.

This is an example chart showing the TC/BR system at work on the DJIA chart.
The Green Arrow are BUY signals and the Red Arrows are SELL signals.

This is an example chart showing the TC/BR system for Tradestation 2000i.

The TC/BR system attacks the market by tracking its ability to trend and accelerate. By tracking this ability, the TC/BR system defines a drent direction and a "Body Reversal" (or stop) level. As the market continues to accelerate, the TC/BR system re-issues signals and adjusts the protective stop level. If (when) the current trend begins to fail, one of two possibilities will occur. First, the TC/BR stop level will be breached - causing an exit of the current trade. Or secondly, the TC/BR system will generate a "Reversal" signal - thus net reversing a position.

The TC/BR system's risk on any given trade is determined automatically by the range of acceleration. In markets with greater volatility, the initial risk of a trade will be greater than in markets with lesser volatility. The TC/BR system is ideal for intra-day trading as well as end-of-day swing trading.

This software program is ideal for anyone interested in learning to use an effective and profitable market price breakout system. This software application includes the following:

  • Detailed Buy & Sell Signals
  • Suggested Stop Placement Levels & Trailing Levels
  • Analyze Intra-Day, Daily, Weekly, Monthly charts and more...
  • Plots the TC/BR Levels, Buy & Sell Signals
  • Enable/Disable all text messages
  • Color Control
  • Includes TradeStation Strategy
  • Includes Expert Commentary

TC/BR System Inputs for Tradestation 2000i.

If you are looking for a fantastic addition to your Omega Research product for day-trading or swing trading, this could be the solution for you.

The TC/BR Library for Omega Research Products price is $250.00 and is available now.

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