I have known Sam Tennis for approximately 11 years. He and I first met when I served as the President of AIQ Systems Inc. and later when I was the Chief Operating Officer of Intelligent Market Analytics, Inc. Sam and I worked on the integration of AIQ Data into SuperCharts and TradeStation products and then on the development of complex neural network technology into EasyLanguage extensions for the development of a turn-key trading system. Throughout this period, I have known Sam to be extremely easy to work with, very communicative, very creative and extremely intelligent on both Omega Research as well as general technical trading issues. I have also known Sam to be abundantly fair in his charges for system development. On more than one occasion, Sam has taken a solution and spent countless hours so make something "better" because he knew it was possible, and there was minimal increase in the original price, if any. He is committed to his business relationships and his clients.

As an independent consultant for TradeStation system development, I have partnered with Sam on many projects to this day. He's fun to work with, very bright and committed to making his clients realize their objectives. I highly recommend him for any project, support or presentation you may be considering him for.


Tony Chmiel
Professional Trading Services, Inc.