Dear Allan and Elizabeth:

(This is a long letter of appreciation for Sam Tennis.)

My name is Michael Mansfield. I'm 43 years old have been in the futures (and equities) business since 1981, originally as a broker, then an owner of an IB primarily for proprietary trading, then as an exempt CTA then, Director of Trader Operations and Global Strategist for a hedge fund and now, finally, CTA and CPO.

The name of my firm is Abalo, Mansfield & CO, LLC. I believe that we might be listed in Futures Magazine this month in the CTA performance section.

I offer a bit of my back ground because to me, a reference is good only to the extent that the person giving the reference has experience to judge the quality of the reference he/she is giving. Since I have a fair amount of experience in the industry, my reference may count a bit more than someone without such experience. That said, I can say without hesitation that Sam Tennis, IS, the (not so easy) EasyLanguage and trading system programming Guru.

I've known Sam personally since at least 1992. However, I saw Sam before that when Omega Research was in a tiny office in Miami and Sam was the one of the original programmers.

Since I live in Miami, where Sam used to live, I had many occasion to sit with him in his office and in mine, while he helped me to construct, perfect, and program a multitude of indicators, functions and systems. They have ranged from simple 1 page indicator and function gizmos--when I was stuck on item, to the very intricate, multi-layered, systems consisting of 26 to 40 pages of code that required DLLs because of TradeStation's code size restrictions. Everyone comments on Sam's quick mind.

I have sat next to Sam for several days at a time while working on a large project for the hedge fund, yet, he has also been able to work efficiently with me over the phone in other instances. I also know that famous traders and CPO's use Sam because I've been in his office when they've called him to ask him a question. He is famous in our industry.

Years ago, I called around, sent up sample ideas for quotes and even had a few things programmed, but several things would happen. Either I didn't trust them because I found out they too were primarily traders and they might steal my ideas, or they sold systems and might steal my ideas (I'm sure they would), or they were just programmers but didn't really understand the market and technical analysis and therefore couldn't understand what I was trying to explain, or they would took too long to get back to me because they didn't do programming full time, or they wanted too much money to do the job.

Even if Sam was too busy to immediately help me, I learned that waiting for him was much better than trying to have someone else do it. Besides, to me the most important aspect of all is that I totally trust Sam. I've even tested his integrity. All I can say is that as far I could determine, Sam is like a vault! You can trust Sam with anything, except perhaps a fresh pizza at 3:00 AM. He used to keep strange hours.

I've slowly grown in my EasyLanguage programming to the point where I can create many things I need on my own because of working with Sam over the years. However, when I get stuck and need help, I always uses Sam.

One more thing, Sam is a very nice guy.

My only suggestion to Sam was to clean and organize his office space better.

(Sam, thanks for all of your help over the years)

PS: Does "ASTROS" have anything to do with astrology, which I like?

Feel free to call any time.


Mike Mansfield, CEO
Abalo, Mansfield & CO, LLC
OFFICE: 305-718-3429.
CELL: 305-926-5550,
HOME OFFICE: 305-485-9308