Mr. and Mrs. Shepard,

Sam Tennis asked me to send you a note. I am assuming you are considering hiring Sam to write some code for you.

I met Sam a few years ago at a seminar. His reputation as a programmer in the futures industry is first-rate. He did a project for me last year, and I will definitely use him for future projects. Sam wrote the book on TradeStation programming (literally!). I don't know of anyone who could do a better job for you.

If you have any further questions, I can be reached at 800-375-4243 during market hours.

Peter W. Aan, CTA

PWA Futures

"Ask Mr. Easy Language" satisfies a void for TradeStation users, and no one is more qualified to write it than Sam Tennis. There are plenty of tips, techniques, and code that will benefit EasyLanguage programmers of all levels. A "must-have" book for all TradeStation users.

Peter Aan